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me!Ways that people have described me:
charlestonkami"Pink. Very pink. With yarn. Like a kitty. Who's had a wee sniff of the catnip."

nalsa"like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick." [Paraphrased]

vin_petrol"a force of nature"

screaming_harpy"An evil influence who leads me down the paths of misbehaviour."

nigelmouse"more of an event. you don't meet people, you happen to them!"

iicatsii"Ok, I thought I'd been desensitised to hyperactive people having known Ross for a while, but then I met you and that went out of the window; YOU'RE NUTS!!!"

needler"long term girl friend, great friend, missed friend and familiar face who I look for when there is a rumour we are in the same place someone who I can only ever want wondeful things for, genuine little love, will always be a baby goth in a top hat to me :) Incredibly clever and level headed down to earthness while her head is completelly in the clouds"

sallycow"I'd probably have to say you're almost *exactly* like marmite - you just HAVE to love it. And anyone who doesn't like it is WRONG and needs to be punished. This is my bad attempt at a metaphor :D Thankyou, goodnight."

poggs"Mofette is 99% lovely, 1% impulse purchase"

maviscruet"Pinker then the average Goth."
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