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My hair is such a nice shade of baby pink. Combining that with the fact that it straightened really nicely today I look like an animé character or a dollfie. I dyed it to go to fancy dress as Lily Allen but then the theme changed. Lily I love you ♥

Last night I dreamed that Milf had shot someone by accident with the gun that we had brought back from the US. Remembering that handguns are illegal over here I knew if he wasn't in trouble for the shooting, he would be for having a gun. I was hiding him in a secret compartment in my bed [!]

Before work I'm off to The Skyrack to eat dinner, I feel good today as I've not had any booze yesterday or today. This will continue, oh yes.

I'm not working Thursday, so no Fab Thursday for me I'm afraid. I'll be at home watching The Sopranos or The Wire.

I bought more pink shit for the house yesterday - Oven gloves, dustpan and brush, Tupperware and a barbecue mitt. Yay!

Last week I finally bought a new hard drive for my Xbox and yesterday from when I got in at 8pm 'till 3am I spent my time modifying it. It ran Evox dash, changed now to XBMC and all I have to do now is put a new partition into the large HDD so that I can drop over all of my torrents and watch them without the inevitable stuttering that occurs when we IMDB to see who that person was in that thing we are watching that we saw somewhere before but we just can't place it.

Need a laptop. Want an Asus. Do they come in pink?

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