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I've watched so much recently I've sailed past the 50% mark and into the home stretch!

Das Boot - Good film, but I'd had it over-sold to me in the past. Yay for male stubbornness though, the film was ok :)

The Maltese Falcon - Enjoyed this a lot, expecially the ending

Requiem for a Dream - I am not anti drugs when used sensibly, unfortunately the people who use drugs and are irresponsible with them are the ones that are noticed the most. This film made me feel really bad for the mother but nothing much for the other three to be honest.

Double Indemnity - This film was hillarious. I'm not sure its supposed to be but it was. Loved the ending!

Metropolis - I loved this so much, I went on the hunt for Metropolis '.gif's. I hope they don't remake this like I've heard rumours of!

Rashomon - Great to see the film that's inspired so many versions. Although the story itself was confusing I loved the way it was told.

Singin' In The Rain - Another film I can't believe I'd not seen - didn't even notice the singing too much and so quite enjoyed it, although the actresses piercing voice was a little TOO good.

Raging Bull - This was interesting and I was even more surprised to find out it was based on a real story. Man I hate Joe Pesci in films where he doesn't die. Great performance by DeNiro.

Modern Times - Sorry, I just don't like Chaplin. This was no exception.

Rebecca - Loved loved LOVED this film. It was spooky without being obviously so and I adored it. I will watch this one again and again.

Some Like It Hot - This made me laugh a lot - a tranny film from 1959. (2017 note: Holy Fuck, past me, no.) I always adore films where men dress up as women, this one was great :)

The Great Escape - Another tale of male persistance. Got upset when David McCallum got shot. Not as great as I thought it would be.

All About Eve - Interesting but not amazing. It just about held my attention

Amadeus - Good film but again it just didn't 'get' me.

On The Waterfront - Loved this, but unfortunately standing up to the mob doesn't get you anything but shot is all too real.

Mr Smith Goes To Washington - Didn't get it at all. Nope.

Braveheart - God I hate Gibson and it was anti-English wank.

Full Metal Jacket - Loved both halves of this. The only Kubrick work I actually liked!

City Lights - Better than Modern Times but I still didn't like it that much.

Rosemary's Baby - Craziness! Cults, pregnancy, Satan. YAYYY.

Leben Der Anderen - Interesting enough but awfully obvious what would happen to them all. Apart from the woman.

Planet of the Apes - Great film, I'd had it ruined many times over by Jay and Silent Bob and The Simpsons and the like. Still got the songs from The Simpsons stuck in my head!

In Cold Blood - Average flick, not sure what the fuss is about and it made no sense.

I am 3/4 of the way through The Apartment and I have to go to work for a meeting. Really enjoying this one :D

Hopefully I'll have some room on my HDD now :}

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