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They're here!!! I have kittens!! They are currently holed up in the bathroom until we make the whole house kitten proof and they prove that they can poop in a tray without us watching them 24/7.
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I have today off

Due to failed plans yesterday I'm at home with no hangover and can therefore concentrate on packing everything to move house with.

I bought some Swing Bin Liners in yellow, and have put all of the clothes I won't be wearing in the next 2 weeks into them. They are lemon scented which is so nice!

I moved out the bed and have vacuumed underneath it. I think there was still half a George under there. I Shake 'n' Vac'ed my way to a half hour workout! The sweat was pouring off my head. I feel accomplished.

I still can't find the back panel to one of our Wii remotes. It's got to be in here somewhere, but where? :(

I have a pile of things for the charity shop and I've thrown out everything else that's no good. I'm sure there's plenty more I could get rid of but hey, I'm not Wonder Woman! I just want to get the next two weeks over with and get out of here. Then I can find me some kittens and then take over the world.

Anyone doing nothing tonight? I could do with some company - at least my room is clean! :D
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I went over to the kittens' house today to say hello and give them collars.

They had gotten too big, so they'd given them away. Fuck :(

Apparently the moma cat is already pregnant again [thanks for adding to the world of unwanted cats...] but it'll be another 12 weeks.

Bugger :(

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