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Well hello Livejournal!! Long time no see!

I read this damn thing every day but never post. Maybe it's because I assume that my boring life is just that - boring. My alarm goes off, I snooze it, I rush off to work, travel an hour to get there, work, eat, work, travel an hour home and then cook dinner and sleep.

Weekends recently have involved working overtime. It's not that I had to, but I love my job ever so much and the money was nice. Getting paid weekly for doing extra of a job I really enjoy. Unfortunately, the Out Of Hours section no longer exists, so no more overtime and no more socialising with those guys. Gutted.

Work is still amazing. I am finding it really natural, I never thought I would work in sales and I would still say I really don't. I'm consultative selling to people who then sell what I sell them. I know pubs and beer inside and out so advising people on alcohol is really my forte.

I also get to make a shit-ton of spreadsheets as I appear to be the office Excel whiz. I have made spreadsheets for choosing which wine to sell to customers, for tracking how people are doing at their weekly targets, for tracking our games/activities until Christmas, for tracking games weekly and who's in the office, for working out a customer's GP and deals we put together with Alchopops as well as working out which brand of which drink makes us the most money. I'm loving that I get to take a part of me that's absolutely stupid and works out everything to the most minute detail, and use it to make other people I work with's lives easier.

I keep getting given responsibilities and things to do like train newbies, which - whilst making my job calling my customers a bit harder - is really nice to know they know that I'm capable.

We keep winning prizes - last night I was out for a Curry and Cobra - we won a prize for being the best team during the World Cup. We've got another night out for winning the best team somewhere else, and I'm all set to help our team win a table at the Brit Awards. I MAY SEE GAGA!!!!!!

Hmm, well welcome back Livejournal. Lets hope the people that are posting stay that way (me included!!!)

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