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Feb. 19th, 2013 10:17 pm
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So, to work in Burton-on-Trent I'd have to move in with my parents for a while, as we owned a house in Leeds and were also paying rent on a house three streets over. We couldn't afford a third house, so I had to stay with them until we could either give notice, or sell the house.

The house went up on the market, and we asked the landlord when the earliest we could give notice was. Luckily the landlord said that Feb was the earliest, and we started to plan to that date.

I knew what I was getting myself in for, before I moved to the Burton area, as I grew up just south of here, in a little village called Fradley. It's in the middle of nowhere, and it's far out on transport links - quite a difference from Leeds. The thing is, aside from our wonderful friends, Leeds never held that much magic for Milf and I, as we prefer a quiet night in a local rather than a nightclub, and as I'm plus-size I'm limited as to where I shop anyway, so I'm not going to miss that.

Of course, we talked it through extensively. It really began to get my goat whenever I told people I had a new job and I was moving, only around 3/4 people didn't immediately respond with "What does Milf think of that?" as if I'd not talked to him at all. It really hit me for 6 that people I thought were progressive and articulate were asking what the MAN thought about it.

Luckily, Milf was fine and when I moved the group of people I joined were great - making sure I was included in stuff and they really looked after me. It's hard having to travel, having nowhere to invite people to, never being able to come out, not even being able to cook properly, as I seemed to be always in the way! I was wearing the same clothes, day in day out and it was tough, but soon enough 4 months had rolled around and we finally got an offer on the house.

We made sure we talked every day, and I visited Leeds when I could. I started learning to drive in August, and passed my test on the 5th October, getting a car on the 26th. I could then make the trip without having to worry about buses at the Burton end (there is only 1 every 2 hours on a Sunday, finishing at 17:00).

As the sale progressed, we decided to start looking for a house in Burton. I say we, Milf pretty much let me get on with it, as I'd been around for a while and seen good and bad areas. I showed him everything I found on the internet, and I went to a couple of viewings. The first house was lovely but boring (magnolia walls, beige carpets, no character) but the second house was perfect and the landlady said she would allow us to do whatever we liked! Shelves, paint, whatever! We discussed it and I put down the deposit, moving in February 1st.

It was a bit of a clusterfuck - the signing fee was more than we thought it would be, they didn't want us to wait until Feb 1st, but it was such a good house that we had to. We booked a removal van and Milf took some time off work. It was go time!!!
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