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So, just a quick catch-up for y'all

  • I live in Burton-on-Trent with my husband, Richard as I moved for a job.

  • I still work for Molson Coors, although not in an Operational role any more - a year after I came down for one job, I was asked to come do another one! - I work on the interface between the systems of our partners and us and ad-hoc reporting and spreadsheets (YAY)

  • I still have 2 cats and they make my life hell on a daily basis ♥

  • The house I live in has enough free-reign that I can pretty much do anything I want. I have discovered that I have green fingers, and have turned the garden from a mess to a lovely place that I'm proud of.

  • I've had the most amazing 12 months, a holiday I took with some friends from the Internet in Parwich starting us actually spending time with people we want to!

  • I met a lot of new friends who actually like me for being me. That's nice

  • Running is still a hobby I enjoy, so I do it almost every week at parkrun, I should get my 50 T-shirt by next summer :D

  • Richard and I are trying to save money to clear all our debts. Should be done by next Christmas unless we need to move house again. Hopefully not again for a while until I find a house and we can find a deposit.

  • I paint my nails too much - I have around 240 different bottles.

  • I drink a lot of gin. I have 34 bottles!

That'll pretty much do it for now. I just needed a break from re-tagging .mp3s
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